Les Enfants de Bam is a French humanitarian association with a double objective: to support the schooling of children, while working to improve their health conditions in Kongoussi, the capital city of the province of Bam in Burkina Faso, and one of the poorest cities in the country. Initially dedicated to the children of Kongoussi, the association also contributes to improving the living conditions of the city’s inhabitants and those in surrounding areas, by allowing them access to education and quality medical care.

The association provides financial assistance to the Center A School of Kongoussi and the Sanrgho School, offering a daily meal for the children of both schools. The establishment of support classes for children in the preparatory course, the detection of nutritional deficiencies and their correction have a very positive impact on the health of the children and the schooling rate is well above the national average. The association notably finances the training of sewing for young girls subjected to forced marriage while supporting the medical center of Misericordia. The association also covers tuition fees for sponsored children and some school supplies, in partnership with the Ecole Alsacienne in Paris.

Beyond these actions, the association tries to create in the region a mother-child medical structure focused on birth and contraception with a primary mission of health education and prevention of genital mutilation.

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