GYN’OVa, the 2nd Pan-European congress for Genital Rejuvenation


Gynecology is certainly a blessed specialty!

Numerous scientific discoveries that transpired in the last half century came with many emotions and a lot of joy!

Let’s close our eyes and remember: Back to 1943, thank you Raoul Palmer and your first laparoscopy. In 1970 came the Contraception with its controversy and innovations – thank you Lucien Neuwirth, the French Movement for Family Planning (MFPF) and feminists. At the same time the surge of French surgeons and their minimal invasive surgical techniques via laparoscopy alongside the Vichy and Clermont-Ferrand teams – thank you Hubert Manhes, Maurice-Antoine Bruhat, not forgetting the flamboyant Daniel Dargent and the developement of his genital surgery in Lyon. On July 25, 1978 we had the apotheosis with the birth of Louise Brown – thank you Patrick Steptoe and Bob Edwards from the UK and Jean Cohen and René Frydman in France. The infactuation with the Menopause. The conception of the RU 486 that enables today, non-surgical abortions - thank you Etienne Emile Beaulieu. The progress in the treatment of urinary incontinence thanks to the TVT of Ulmsten and Petros;  the understanding HPV and its role in oncogenesis of the cervix and the vaccination against HPV in 2006 - thank you Herald suz Hausen, 2008 Nobel Prize winner and Joseph Monsonego in France.

YES! I confess; I trembled, became inspired, with a beating heart and an acute consciousness of having been an actor of these significant and historic milestones; alongside all of you.

So, is the party over now? Are we left with nostalgia to contemplate our bygone memories? Would young generations of gynaecologists be condemned to live on the legacy of their predecessors?

OH NO! The party continues! A new field of interest has been established: research and innovation in Genital Restoration whose pioneer in France is Bernard Jean Paniel (Thanks B.J.).

Pivotal progress in this area is now possible owing to the introduction of new technologies, such as the LED, Radiofrequency, Genital lasers and the exceptional properties of Hyaluronic Acid, which doesn’t just ‘fill’ but also restores. The extraordinary fatty tissue, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Lipo-filling techniques and Botox injections of the Detrusor.

Do you want to know about the new therapeutic strategies? To understand the modes of action and build your knowledge so that you can meet the needs of your patients when it comes to sexual and aesthetic restoration? Do you also want to visit or revisit at the same time, the physiopathological data currently available on orgasm, desire and pleasure…?

Then of course, at GYN’OVa 2019 is where you should attend.

This congress in undeniably multidisciplinary; during the 2 days at GYN’OVa, we will gather together all other specialities that are related to genitourinary restoration.

For all urologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aestheticians, doctors and sexologists; a number of trusted European learned societies, CERRG, SICPRE and SEGERF, have gathered their knowledge and experiences to join forces and collaborate with the French societies, GRIRG and Gynécole, to form one large meeting: GYN'OV

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris, on 28 – 29 November 2019, with 2 day programme filled with innovation and practical workshops.

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