A video abstract is an audio-visual recording in which an author briefly outlines contents of their research paper.

Video abstracts will be presented and published alongside the textual abstract so that readers can access both versions.

How to submit a video abstract

To submit a video abstract, please choose ‘video’ in the ‘abstract type’ section on the abstract form and complete the textual abstract form in full; guidelines can be found here

Video abstracts that are supported by incomplete textual abstracts will NOT be considered.

Once you have submitted your abstract, please email your video abstract using: (a cloud based programme that allows users to send files of up to 2mb, internationally for free) to:

The email subject must contain:

• Abstract number

• Abstract title

• Submitter name and email address


Format: mpg, .avi, or .mp4 (.mp4 preferred)

The video abstract must:

  1. be between three (3) and five (5) minutes long (time limit 1. be between three (3) and five (5) minutes long (time limit includes title and introduction)
  2. have a clear verbal narration, in English, of the visual content
  3. understandable to readers outside of the immediate field of the topic
  4. inclusion of additional relevant material such as images, animations and simulations are strongly encouraged, but should not include small text that will be difficult to read
  5. not include music soundtracks due to copyright licences
  6. not be a recording of the author reading the textual version out loud, word for word, but an engaging video introducing the topic of the abstract, highlighting methods, main results and conclusions as well as discussing future potential developments in the field as a result of the work.
  7. be submitted alongside the textual abstract